Wish List
We offer two options to donate for our Grin Kids Wish List
Option 1

Cover the Cost of an Item(s)

We will customize some very special items for each child to be given out during the trip. These items will need to be purchase in advance, which means you can’t just run out and buy it or collect it at your office! However, you can scroll below and view what we picked out and see the cost associated with the item. If you would like to contribute to one or all of the requested items, just click “donate” to cover the cost!

Items Needed



Grin Kids T-shirts Wednesday $2000 20 for 20 Partners
Grin Kids T-shirts Thursday $2000 20 for 20 Partners
Grin Kids T-shirts Friday $2000 20 for 20 Partners
Grin Kids T-shirts Saturday $2000 20 for 20 Partners
 Grin Kids T-shirts Sunday  $2000 TBA
Lanyards $2500  TBA
Duffle Bags (50) $2500 TBA
Backpacks (50) $2000 TBA
Cinch Bags (50) $500  TBA
Pool Bags (50) $750 TBA
Pins, & Name Tags for each guest $850 TBA
Grin Kids Water Bottles $1000 TBA
Visors $2000 TBA
Disney Autograph Books & Pens for each child $750 TBA
Luggage Tags (500) $500 TBA
Beach Towels (75) $750 TBA
Option 2

Purchase or Collect Items

These are items you can purchase or collect on your own or with friends! You can choose to grab 5, 10, or the entire amount. There is not an amount too small. Fill out the form below and we will get back to you as quickly as possible to find the best way to collect your generous donation!



Travel Size First Aid Kits TBA
Disney Books TBA
Disney Themed Games TBA
Disney Themed Toys of any sort 40
Disney Coloring Books & Crayon TBA
Travel Size Sunblock TBA
Travel Size Hand Sanitizer/Hand Wipes TBA
Travel Size Tooth Brush & Toothpaste Mighty Dollar
Travel Size Umbrellas TBA
Rain Ponchos 100 kids / 100 adults
Travel Size Tissue Packs Mighty Dollar
Disney Trading Pins 500

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