2018 Grin Kids

Name: Emma Talley

Age 5
Rare disorder called KCNQ2 Encoplopathy, KCNQ2 affects potassium channels in your brain causing seizures, global development delay and severe low muscle tone. Emma is immobile, g-tube fed and requires oxygen as needed.

I love to go to the parks and get in the swimming pool. Love listening to music and dancing with my mommy and daddy.

I am non-verbal but mommy is pretty sure she wants to be a princess when she grows up. I also really loves animals so maybe something to do with animals.

My favorite Disney character is Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse. I enjoy their bright colors and the way they talk and sing. When I meet Minnie Mouse I want to tell her how pretty her outfit is and that I love the Hot Dog song they sing.

I am most looking forward to meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse along with Elsa. I am excited to see the animals, swim in the pool, ride some rides and see the fireworks too.


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