2017 Grin Kids

Name: Angie Balderra

Angie is 8-years-old and she’s living with Congenital Malformation of the tongue and a tracheotomy. She does not eat by mouth and is fed by a g-tube. Angie is from Honduras, but she lives in Charlotte. Angie likes to get on the internet & she also likes playing and listening to music! She LOVES Mickey Mouse and she says she would ask for him to go for a walk and ask him a big hug when she sees him at Disney World! She is MOST looking forward to riding a roller coaster with her family including her nurse, Alem. We can’t wait to meet you, Angie! If you’d like to help support Angie’s trip, click the link below!

SPONSOR: http://bit.ly/2qTphlW

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